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  • Momento® Cloud (Enhancer Series)

Momento Cloud allows you to glaze over ordinary coloured walls with a delicate masterpiece of cloudy glazed of golden shine or pearlescent shimmer. Momento Cloud is formulated with low VOC, contains no lead or mercury and formaldehyde-free. 

Product Features:
• Easy application with glazed over ordinary coloured walls
• Low odour, environmental friendly


  • CloudPearl LemonDrop

  • CloudPearl OrangeBurst

  • CloudPearl PureMoon

  • CloudPearl SpringLilac

  • CloudGold ModernMojito

  • CloudGold RoyalFlush

  • CloudGold SunkissedCitrus

  • CloudGold SunnyDays

  • CloudPearl ClearSkies

  • CloudPearl CottonCandy

  • CloudPearl FallingStar

  • CloudPearl JadeEscape

  • CloudGold_ModernMojito

  • CloudGold_RoyalFlush

  • CloudGold_SunkissedCitrus

  • CloudGold_SunnyDays

  • CloudPearl_ClearSkies

  • CloudPearl_CottonCandy

  • CloudPearl_FallingStar

  • CloudPearl_JadeEscape

  • CloudPearl_LemonDrop

  • CloudPearl_OrangeBurst

  • CloudPearl_PureMoon

  • CloudPearl_SpringLilac

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Coating System
Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Vinilex 5200 Wall Sealer / Vinilex 5400 Wall Sealer / Hi-Bond Wall Sealer (on powdery or skim-coated surface) / ECO-Bond Wall Sealer 1 coat
Base Coat Nippon Interior products 2 coats
Top Coat Momento Enhancer Series 1 coat
Application Data
Application Brush, roller, plastic spatula
Touch Dry/ Hard Dry 30 minutes / 2 hours
Recoating Interval Minimum 2 hours
No. of Coat(s) 1 coat
Theoretical Coverage 4 - 6 m² per litre per coat