19.04.2021 | Flooring

Flooring plays an integral part to any building from commercial, industrial and residential developments. It is the overall aesthetic, the final touches, that completes the look and feel of a structure. Needless to say, every spill, scratch or drop ends up on the floor and it is the highest contact surface area of any room. Therefore, during the construction process, it is key to take into consideration the following components when selecting the appropriate solutions for your flooring needs. 

  • Durability 
  • Functionability
  • Easy Maintenance

When determining a suitable flooring system for each type of space, challenges faced should also be addressed so that the recommended solutions can be put into place.

Beyond Aesthetics
Flooring can define your spaces to elevate the overall appearance of a room. It sets the tone for what the space should be. However, more often than not, flooring is typically selected based on their appearance, without taking into consideration its functional benefit for respective
spaces. For instance, spaces such as commercial interior spaces and industrial spaces requires different floor system, according to frequency of usage and overall purpose of the area. The consequences of not opting for suitable flooring system will result in deterioration sooner than later. This affects the overall longevity of the building, which may further result in increasing costs of building maintenance.

Finding The Ideal Solution
With over 50 years of innovation in the coatings industry, and backed by the latest technologies, Nippon Paint’s flooring solutions have been widely used throughout various commercial, residential and industrial sectors in Malaysia. With flooring solutions that cater to every need, Nippon Paint’s wide range of solutions include green choice of water-based epoxy coatings, popular solvent-free self-levelling epoxy floorings, to the hygienic polyurethane (PU) cementitious flooring. From heavy, medium to light duty flooring solutions, includes Nippon
FloorShield and Nippon DeckGuard are suitable for industrial or commercial purposes and carparks respectively. The types of finishing
includes smooth finish, orange-peel finish and broadcast texture finish to suit different purposes. In continuing to spearhead its innovative
journey, Nippon Paint has recently introduced its newest range of flooring solutions specifically for food processing and pharmaceutical industries – the Nippon Ucreed series.

Nippon DeckGuard Series
Offers end-to-end protection, with anti-skid, UV resistant, sound dampening, crack bridging,
moisture tolerant and waterproofing properties suitable for all types of carparks, ranging from
basements, intermediate and exposed bays.

Nippon FloorShield Series
This range is recommended for industrial purposes (manufacturing spaces, production plants, warehouses and workshops) and commercial spaces (shopping malls, offices and modern residential buildings). It is the ideal choice for such spaces as it covers a wide spectrum of customer different needs by promoting bright and clean spaces, self levelling, easy-to-clean, excellent chemical resistant, durability, anti-slip and UV resistant.

Nippon Ucreed Series
This latest range of flooring solutions are specifically developed for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry, equipped with chemical, thermo shock resistance, and abrasion resistance. These range of coatings also effectively resist bacterial growth, easy-to-clean
and impact resistance. With these holistic range of coatings solutions, Nippon Paint aims to provide end-to-end flooring solutions, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits, resulting in a beautiful and long-lasting floor finish.

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