Our extensive range offers pre-packed cementitious finishing goods that comprise of plasters/renders, skim coats, floor screeds, tile adhesives, bonding agents and so much more. Today, with the shared experience of CMI, Nippon Paint provides you the perfect Total Coating & Construction Solutions from bare to finish.


A holistic compatible solution system that sees your project through from bare to finish, resulting in a quality wall finish every time.


Providing a complete range of high-performance tile adhesive products with strong adhesion properties that guarantees top-notch work.


Our plaster / render, skim coat, tile adhesive, floor screed and bonding agents are all safe for the environment and the preferred choice by renowned green consultants.

Products By Applications

Plastering / Rendering

Ensures all interior as well as exterior surfaces are well-covered.

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Skim Coating

A home improvement tool which smoothens out textured walls or repairs damaged drywalls to their original form.

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Floor Screeding

Leaves a smooth and level floor upon which you can lay on your finished flooring.

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Fix chips, mold build-up and weakening of tiles via our services.

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Chemical Additives

Customise specific processing or end-use by using a wide range of chemical additives.

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Serves a wide range of uses, from ensuring your new building is sealed to rehabilitating a deteriorating one. 

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Bonding Agent & Accessories

The finishing piece in making your cement mix truly durable for years to come.

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