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With innovation as our core, we provide Total Coating Solutions that protect, preserve and enhance
surfaces from basement to roof and everything in between, that satisfy multiple industry needs.

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Waterproofing Series
Flooring Series
Health & Wellness Series
Health & Wellness Series Health & Wellness Series
LAM CPD Credits Applied
25 Feb 2021, Thursday
11am - 12pm
For Conceal Roof
Every year, large number of households and commercial premises report problems that may be associated with inadequate or underspecified conceal waterproof of buildings.
LAM, BQSM CPD Credits applied
25 Mar 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
2-In-1 Waterproofing For
Exposed Roof
You can always have more than single waterproofing component for your roof.
LAM, BQSM CPD Credits applied
22 Apr 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Landscape Areas
The ultimate success of a rooftop garden depends largely on the proper design and installation of not only the garden installation, but right waterproofing selection and application.
LAM, BQSM CPD Credits Applied
27 May 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Driveways waterproofing should never be neglected as to protect it from water penetration and to prolong its service life.
LAM, BQSM, BEM CPD Credits Applied
26 Aug 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Pool And Pool Deck
Why waterproof a pool and pool deck? Most concrete pool and pool decks prone to settling, causing the concrete inevitably begin to crack in most pools.
LAM, BQSM CPD Credits Applied
23 Sep 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Wet Areas
With the changing skyline in building construction, waterproofing wet areas have as well becoming a challenging task.
LAM, BQSM, GBI CPD Credits Applied
28 Oct 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Water Tanks
The waterproofing design requirements for water tanks, which must be satisfied, differ according to weather it is located above or below ground.
LAM, BQSM, BEM CPD Credits Applied
25 Nov 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Basement waterproofing involves techniques and materials used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a structure.
LAM, BQSM, BEM CPD Credits to be Applied
16 Dec 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
The Joint
Did You Waterproof?
While concrete cracks cannot be prevented entirely, don’t let your concrete waterproofing slip through these cracks.
LAM, BQSM CPD Credits Applied LAM, BQSM CPD Credits Applied
LAM, BQSM CPD Credits Applied
24 Jun 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Thermal Shock Resistant
Antimicrobial Flooring
When flooring material expands and contracts at a rate significantly different than that of the concrete substrate underneath, it may lead to disbondment, delamination, cracks, bubbles and other deterioration, worst in food processing factories.

Check out more on Nippon Paint Thermal Shock Antimicrobial Flooring System!
LAM, BQSM, IEM CPD Credits Applied
29 Jul 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Car Park
Car parks are a common feature of built environment, many mindful design has been implemented to suit into its required use.

Check out more on Nippon Paint Mindful Car Park chapter!
Build it Right, Build it with Certainty.

Indoor spaces can be made safer from sustainable architectural design and with advancement of antimicrobial coating technology today.

The objective of the series is to continuously inspire health and wellbeing architectural design strategies and further focus on how antimicrobial coating helps professionals achieve a better indoor wellness design.

Together, we can create a safer and better wellness living space for our community.
GBI, LAM, BEM Credits Applied
17 April 2021, Saturday
8.30am – 12.30pm
Joint Collaboration with MGBC
Health & Wellbeing Series Webinar

Biophilic Design from
Buildings to Townships
A Health & Wellbeing Series Webinar organized by MGBC, gathering honourable speakers like Mr. Tang Chee Khoay, Mr. John Bulcock from Design Unit Architects (DUA), Dr. Lena Chan from International Biodiversity Conservation Division, National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore and Irene Teo from Nippon Paint Malaysia.
GBI, LAM, BEM Credits Applied
14 July 2021, Wednesday
2pm – 3pm
Joint Collaboration with MGBC
IGEM 2021 Virtual Event

Antimicrobial Coating
– The Silver Ion Technology Towards Safe Indoor
Living Space
With the strong hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing sense of "Safe Living" in the community. Check out how an effective antimicrobial coating can contribute to environmental and health benefits as compared to conventional paints.
LAM, BQSM, GBI CPD Credits to be Applied
9 Sept 2021, Thursday
11am - 1pm
Joint Collaboration with MIID & Design Tone Interior Practice (DTIP)

The Resurgence of 'Green
Living Interior’ in Malaysia
What exactly do we intend to sustain in the modern age of living, and what will that require of us? To what extent can we develop the concept of ‘Green Living Interior’? How far can this contribute to better environmental quality of living environments of all people?

Check out more on Nippon Paint joint-collaboration with the Professional in creating the sustainable, green and wellbeing Residential design!
LAM, BQSM, GBI CPD Credits to be Applied
16th November 2021
11am - 1pm
Health and Wellness : The Next Great Challenge
Good design supports health and well-being for all people, considering physical, mental, and emotional effects on building occupants and the surrounding.

Check out more on Nippon Paint joint-collaboration with the Professional sharing the Next Great Challenge on wellness design.