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  • Aluminium Paint

A linseed oil/phenolic resin based paint which gives a lustrous finish. It is a durable protective coating suitable for use on tank exteriors and even in marine conditions.

Product Features:
• Durable protective coating

Coating System
Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Red Oxide Primer / Zinc Chromate Primer 1 - 2 coats
Top Coat Aluminium Paint 2 coats
Application Data
Application Brush, Roller, Conventional Air Spray, Airless Spray
Thinning Brush, roller: Maximum 5% thinner by volume
Conventional air spray: 10% - 15% of General Purpose Thinner
Airless spray: Maximum 5% thinner by volume
Touch Dry/ Hard Dry 1 hour / 16 hours
Recoating Interval 16 hours
No. of Coat(s) 1 - 2 coats
Theoretical Coverage 10 - 12 m² per litre