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  • Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer

Nippon Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer is a vinyl acrylate solvent-based sealer.It is specifically formulated to protect the finishing coats against the effects of alkalinity and moisture from the walls. Nippon Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer is best used on interior and exterior walls, brickwork, plaster and asbestos-free substrates.

Product Features:
• Promotes better adhesion
• Good alkaline and efflorescence resistance
• Good for chalky and powdery surfaces
• For interior and exterior use

Coating System
Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer 1 coat
Top Coat Nippon Interior/ Exterior Products 2 coats
Application Data
Application Brush, spray, roller
Thinning "Brush/roller:Maximum 5% Acrylic 3000 Thinner;Conventional Air Spray :Dilute with 10% - 15% Acrylic 3000 Thinner;Airless Spray: ready to use after stirring If necessary, dilute with maximum 5% of Acrylic 3000 Thinner."
Touch Dry/ Hard Dry - / 2 hour
Recoating Interval Minimum 2 hour
No. of Coat(s) 1 coat
Theoretical Coverage 8 - 10 m2 per litre per coat