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  • Water Repellent Solution

Water Repellent Solution (EF) is a solvent-based impregnating agent based on silane/siloxane mixture. It serves as high-quality impregnating agent for exterior concrete protection and also can be used as a primer for silicone emulsion paint for masonry substrate.  It can reduce the capillary absorption of construction materials without blocking their pores and capillaries. Therefore, it will not affect the diffusion permeability. As a result, water vapour can escape unhindered from the masonry, and any damp can dry out.

Product Features:
• Excellent depth of penetration, creating a broad water-repellent zone 
• Excellent resistance to alkaline and efflorescence – the hydrophobic zone prevents salt, water and alkaline being transported from within the wall to the surface
• Good water-vapour permeability does not affect the breathing behaviour of the substrates
• Prevent damage caused by Chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion

Coating System
Coating System
Bare Cement / Brick & Concrete
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Water Repellent Solution 2 pass
Top Coat Durasil (If top coat is required) 2 coats
Application Data
Application Brush, roller, flooding (by lower pressure spraying)
Thinning Apply 2 pass wet-on-wet
Touch Dry/ Hard Dry 1 hour
Recoating Interval 1 day
No. of Coat(s) 1 coat
Theoretical Coverage 10 - 12 m² per liter per coat
Additional Info Apply 2 coats wet on wet